Agro Israel 2023 has been cancelled.
an update regarding a new date will be released soon.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are pleased to officially announce the 16th Agro Israel Agricultural Exhibition & Conference, scheduled for October 24-25th, at the Ma’ayan Harod National Park.

Our event has been taking place for the past 15 years and is the meeting place for Israel’s Agri experts, farmers, extensionists, and academicians.

Global warming, climate change, extreme weather phenomena, and water deficiency require extensive research, profound tactics, and durable solutions from us. 

Israeli companies and R&D departments constantly deal with the future. They try to find solutions to growing food demand due to the increasing population, find ways to deal with depleting natural resources such as water and soil, and face food security and food safety challenges. 

Conference outline: Innovative Technologies and Artificial Intelligence Applications in Agriculture. Two days of conference headed by Haya Rak Yahalom, General Manager of Mop Tzafon and Elkana Ben Yashar, Immediate Past Director of Mop Tzafon, MIGAL Galilee Research Institute, will cover the following topics: 

 The Agro Israel management team will be happy to support you in building a fruitful visit to the even by helping you network with companies and experts in the field.
Looking forward to seeing you at Agro Israel 2023

Water systems

Water and sewage facilities management in fields

Regulating systems

Control systems, remote regulators and monitors

Agricultural vehicles

SUV companies for your needs


Agricultural pesticides and fertilizers, for all types of crops and soils


Agricultural sprayers


All major machinery companies in one place

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Welcome – Agro Israel 2023 Exhibition

The “Agro Israel” exhibition w be held this year in a spectacular complex with sprawling lawns and green fields in the Ma’ayan Harod National Park. The “Agro Israel” exhibition is a professional agricultural exhibition that will showcase a wide range of companies engaged in agricultural inputs, irrigation companies, pest control, fertilization, renewable energy, gardening, agricultural mechanization, vehicles and more.

This year will mark the second time that the “Agro Israel” exhibition will be held for two consecutive days and with tremendous success, during the two days thousands of visitors came to the exhibition.

Over 9,000 farmers and people active in the agricultural sector in Israel visited last year’s agriculture exhibition and more than 120 companies, corporations, government bodies and others presented at the exhibition, including many importers of tractors and agricultural machinery, irrigation companies, fertilizer companies, pest control companies, agricultural insurance, ATVs and other companies that provide various inputs.

In addition to the exhibition, the annual conference on agriculture will be held, in which key industry figures will present research in the fields of agriculture from the past year.

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