Professional Tour

Professional Tour Itinerary

One day tour to Northern Israel.

Thursday 3.11.2022 

Language: English 

Leader: Professional Guide (Agriculture)

Exhibition space Fee


Hula Experimental Station – citrus rootstocks & varieties, exploitation of geothermal energy, training methods for trees.

Or) A visit to Zemach Experimental Station – Maize, Mango.

Meeting with a researcher, an extension agent & a grower - Israeli Model for implementation of knowhow. 10:00
Migal Research Institute – Meeting Mrs. Haya Rak-Yahalom C.E.O of Northern R&D. 11:30
Lunch – Kibbutz dining room in Merom Golan. 13:00
A visit in Bereshit packing house. 14:00
Merom Golan - summer vegetable - Deciduous Orchards Option. 15:00
Short visit to Kofi Annan Observation Point. 16:00

Cost Per Person (lunch included)- 120$

Professional Tour Itinerary

One Day Tour to Northern Israel

Wednesday | October 25th, 2023

Language – English

Cost Per Person – 120$

Activity Schedule
Departure 08:00
Hula Experimental Station - Citrus Rootstock & Varieties ,Exploitation of Geothermal Energy, Tree Traing Methods
Or a Visit to Zemach Expirimental Station - Maize, Mango
Meeting With a Researcher, an Extension Agent and a Grower - Israeli Model for Implentation of Knowhow 10:00
Migal Research Institute - Meeting Mrs. Haya Rak Yahalom, CEO of Northern R&D 11:30
Lunch - Kibbutz Mreom Golan Dining Room 13:00
A Visit to Bereshit Packing House 14:00
Merom Golan - Summer Vegetable - Decidous Orchards Option 15:00
Short Visit to Kofi Annan Observation Point 16:00
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